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Pool Recovery

From Green to Clean!

Thank You

Customers who have a “worst case scenario” dirty pool and require multiple days/weeks of professional pool recovery will receive the following:
  • Full system walk through to determine if equipment needs additional attention.
  • Removal of all debris from water and filter pad.
  • Chemicals to clear the water.
  • Brushing and vacuuming.
  • Water test and balancing upon completion.
*Starting at $1,000

Pool School

Have you purchased a house with a pool or are you a brand new pool owner? Our Pool School will help you learn all the tips to keep your pool clean and ready to swim all through the season.
Customers who select our Pool School Service will be instructed in the following:
  • Full system walk-through and assessment of size and type. 
  • Introduction to pool system and how it operates
  •  Water pump and filter system orientation
  •  Sanitation system details
  • The cleaning system (automatic or manual).
  • Swimming pool accessories. (diving board, ladders, handrails, slides, waterfalls, ect.)
  • Introduction to basic pool maintenance and water chemistry.

$125 for first hour; $50 each additional hour